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“Yucca” Beach Kitchen Bar


Yucca Beach Kitchen Bar was created in the summer of 2018 and combines the Greek Sea, local food - gastronomy, and unique drink spirits. Our Beach Bar Restaurant in Naxos mixes special fragrances and drinks to create the Signature Cocktail List, redefining the traditional Greek cuisine and taking you to its modern, contemporary version.

Yucca is located between the rocky grassland of the Cyclades and the greenery of the tropical vegetation, an ideal environment that relaxes all visitors.

On Plaka Beach of Naxos Island, next to the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, we chose from the Greek land various products and ingredients in order to create flavors, smells, and perfumes that don't only create memories but constitute the most amazing summer experience too.


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Our Beach Kitchen Bar: "Yucca"