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Stay Safe

Our health is our wealth Protocol

In compliance with national and international standards set by the health authorities, we have created our #healthiswealth protocol to protect our guests, team members and partners. An action plan, overseen by the hotel supervisor and the coordinating doctor, has been developed in order to address a Covid19 emergency. The measures taken by Amarilia hotel are:

Hotel staff

  • Regular and continuous staff training in relation to the new procedures and service standards required by the security protocol
  • The staff is trained to be able to recognize customers’ symptoms and report them immediately to the person in charge
  • Thermal control for all employees. Employees are instructed to stay home if they do not feel well
  • Personal hygiene and frequent hand washing is important
  • Use of personal protective equipment (masks, face shields, gloves, aprons
  • Special report regarding PPE stock issued by the coordinator
  • Employees must keep physical distancing at least 2m away from guests

Front desk

  • Regular disinfection of the reception surface with ECOLAB products
  • Floor signage to maintain social distancing at 2m
  • A complete medical kit is available
  • Plexiglass window
  • Basic health instructions posted at the reception area
  • An information leaflet is available at the reception
  • Disposal of the key cards in a box
  • All key cards are sanitized during check-in
  • Check-out until 11 am and check-in from 3pm in order to ensure the room and bathroom are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between stays, as well as to allow adequate natural ventilation of the room (max 60’)
  • Online check-in to reduce waiting time
  • Electronic transactions are encouraged
  • Non-registered guests are not permitted beyond the lobby and the bar
  • Trash bin at the central entrance to dispose used PPE

Housekeeping (rooms and common areas)

  • We follow an improved cleaning and disinfection protocol in accordance with the national health authorities
  • Application of special cleaning instructions in case of an incident
  • Reinforcement of sanitary services in all public areas and guests rooms, especially “high risk” objects such as knobs, handrails, tv controls
  • No more than one guest will be permitted per elevator
  • It is highly recommended to use their rooms’ bathrooms rather than the public one
  • Steam appliances are used to clean all fabric surfaces
  • Room cleaning and ventilation during the hours between stays
  • Non-regular room cleaning during the stay to avoid contact of cleaning workers with a possible case and further transmission
  • Removal of decorative objects (pillows, bedding)
  • Removal of shared objects for multiple use, such as menus and magazines
  • Mini bar is suspended
  • The same bed linen and towels are used throughout your stay. All linen are washed at a high temperature (70oC) and are kept in sanitized stations
  • Control of operation of dishwashers and washing machines in terms of temperature used and dosage of detergents

Food & Beverages

  • The restaurant is certified with an ISO 22000:2005, that specifies requirements for a food safety management system
  • Access to the kitchen area is prohibited for those who are not entitled to be there. In case this cannot be avoided, they should be provided with PPE, that are available at the entrance
  • One guest per 2sqm is allowed in the restaurant and the bar
  • A maximum of six guests per table are allowed, with the exception of families
  • Hands disinfectant is provided at the entrance. The staff will make sure that it is used by the guests
  • Floor signage to maintain social distancing
  • The breakfast buffet is protected by plexiglass shields (sneeze guards)
  • The buffet will be served only by the catering staff which is required to always wear a mask and gloves
  • The use of shared utensils, automatic serving machines will be done only by the catering staff which will bring the appropriate PPE
  • Your table is disinfected and we use one time paper sousplat

Swimming Pool

  • We comply with all national regulations regarding the maintenance of the chlorination system
  • We keep records of our swimming pool ph and chlorine three times a day
  • We take water sample twice a week
  • The maximum total number of people entering the tank at any given time will not be greater than 10 people
  • You are requested to use the side pool shower before entering the pool
  • The layout of the sunbeds and seats should be such that the distance between the seats of two people under two different umbrellas or two people living in a different room is at least 2 meters in each direction
  • Floor signage to maintain social distancing at 2m
  • After each customer the seats, tables and sunbeds will be disinfected





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